Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wedding: the dress

I got chills when I lifted all the layers of a wedding dress and slipped it on in a bridal salon for the first time in my life!! In my emotional history this moment will be ranked evenly with my first kiss, my first date, a moment when Andrey proposed!

I told the girls in the salon that I came open minded, that I would try everything they suggest and see how it looks. However, right after the first dress my preferences revealed themselves! I guess, I like romantic, a little fluffy, delicate styles. (It is pretty vague description, but actually it eliminates some of the options already). Wedding planing makes you learn so much about yourself!

This wedding season fashion suggests ruffles, mermaid style dresses, and even feathers!! Also fashionable becomes two have two dresses - a long one for the ceremony and a short one for dancing. (Such a smart idea! To me brides dancing away to "Sexy Back" in a long dress never looked natural). I decided that my body will dictate the final choice - what fits best would be the most important criteria. The quest has begun!

The first salon I visited was M.A. Carr in Orchard Park, NY. They have a very tasteful selection of dresses in a medium price range (that is above $1,000, but under $2,000). My assistant was Karen, and I appreciated that she was not trying to sell me the most expensive dress, but offered opinion.

The next salon on the agenda is Pearl Bridal House in Toronto. They are in a much higher price range, and I would like to take a peak at the couture options. I am just looking - I promise! That should be so much fun!

The Knot has this nifty tool where a bride can design a vision of the wedding day look. Below are the two looks I designed. What would you chose?


Veronika said...

Congrates. My boyfriend will propose to me as well. Wana find out more on ur wedding preparation.

Elena said...

Veronika, interestingly, your boyfriend haven't proposed and you already know that he will? :)
My plan is to share all the steps of wedding planning as I go through this process, so more information to come! I am trying to make is as helpful for the brides that will follow me as I can. But, let me know if there any specific questions I can help with! :)

Yuka photo art said...

love the second one......maybe because of sea view...You will be beautiful in any dress, you know it :-)

Veronika said...

Hi there. I didn't know that u wrote me back but u just sow it. Thank you. I am reading your blog and amased how wonderfull it is for you to experience all of it.good tips and information. I will hopefully see Sasha on friday and be very glad to to her. I'm so proud of her achivements. Well I am gona go to bed and hopefully talk to you again. Veronika