Monday, September 29, 2008

I love New York!

On my surprise visit to New York City this weekend organized by a very special magician, I made a list of the things I like about NYC:
1) Upper East and Upper West side Manhattan;
2) joggers;
3) Central Park's Alice in the Wonderland Statue;
4) The Waldorf=Astoria's perfectly shaped fresh flower bouquet that is probably 5 feet in diameter;
5) Seeing the "Sex and the City" style Saturday night party at WhisKey Blue;
6) Savouring a cup of cream of cauliflower and Italian Country sandwich in Hale and Hearty Soups and thinking that this food combination could by itself be the reason to come to NYC;
7) Russian pastries sold right by the entrance to the Brighton Beach subway station;
8) Seeing the statue of Liberty from the Q subway train window while it crosses Manhattan Bridge;
9) Soaking in the talents of "Legally Blond" musical creators and performers;
10) the fog of unbelivable thikness, hiding the tops of the skyscrapers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last Weekend

Last Sunday my friends and I visited Letchworth Park, where I tried my beginner photography skills. I shoot everything in the manual setting (!!!) of Canon PowerShot S5IS, a "wannabe" professional camera. Here are several of the best photos from that day.
Here is a portrait of a very professional photographer, my friend Yulia (Yuka). She holds her old, but quite professional camera. One more photo of Yulia:

Monday, September 22, 2008

# 1

My favorite cartoon. A tribute to Gagarin.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am not going to write a book, Penelope!

In a recent Penelope Trunk's post about a book deal she wrote how bad of an idea it is to write a book hoping that it will serve as a "law degree" to help further career developments. I realized that this was the trap I almost got myself into with my intention of pursuing an MBA degree. I knew I wanted an MBA really badly (I still do), I just had a vague idea what exactly will I do with it after I graduate. Ironically, Penelope in the first paragraph of her post mentioned how much better it is in the case of "vagueness" to start a blog! :) So I feel like I am on the right track here.

So, with the blog I am hoping to:
1) Literally put myself out there, to fight my habit of keeping a lot to myself;
2) Find my own writing voice and not be a —Āhamelion. In fact this post is written under the influence of Jasmine Star , after my morning dose of her juicily written posts. And as much as I admire Jasmine's both writing and photography talents, I'd like to sound like me.
3) and finally, I want to track my progress of making close to my idea of a perfect cocktail of delicious work and scrumptious life.

I stepped out of the office after the work day into the crispness of perfectly clear fall air and remembered my favorite music and a music video devoted to September by Igor Krutoi called "You are in my September". There is a hint of sadness in it, but it is a good kind of sadness.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Beginning

So, finally it happened. I now have my own blog! And this is my very first post!

Actually, I have been writing posts for quite a while now, it was just happening in my mind. I have been writing about my daily impressions of the morning air (lately is has been smelling like fall already), about my childhood memories of years of daydreaming and being not very sociable as the result, about why did I came to this point of finally starting a blog.... So, there are quite a lot of posts in this blog already. What? You don't see them??? Well, I guess I need to start transferring this wealth of information here.

Alright, lets start with childhood. If you met me as a 6-grader, you would probably think - what a snobbish little girl - she does not even try to act like she is interested in meeting me! The truth was - I was living such a vivid life on the inside (read too many books, watched too many movies), that I was barely noticing what did I act like on the outside.
I was thinking about all this just yesterday and searched the YouTube for my favorite middle school movie - La Boum, and as fabulous as YouTube is, it produces my precious memories right away:


Really, when your very acceptive vivid imagination is fed with these miracle moments, wouldn't you stay on the inside instead of meeting real people?? What for? :)
To be continued ...