Monday, August 17, 2009

Shooting in good light

You'd probably say I am nuts to be thinking about anything other than wedding when we have about 3 weeks to go. But, yes, indeed, this post is NOT ABOUT THE WEDDING! :) I am still thinking about it, though.

It's just I am excited to share some of my photography projects. I have a long list to post, but this one is the most recent. So far I have been quite lucky to practice photography at my work that didn't include photography in my job description.

Last week on Tuesday, on our first no rain day in many weeks (even though I am one of those few that didn't mind our rainy summer - the grass is greener!) I was a part of the photo shoot for our yellow pages book cover. While the really young looking photographer we hired was producing amazing shots with his Nikon and really cool off-camera lighting (and I suspect some pocket wizards), I got to snap some shots too.

Since I was not the primary camera, you'd have to forgive me that most of the time my subjects were not looking into the camera.

I was amazed by the lighting we got around 5 pm in the Buffalo Marina and than even more amazing light at around 6:30 at Lafayette Square.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

1 Month before the wedding: anxiety

I have to admit that despite all the efforts not to be, I am a little behind on my wedding planning.

Luckily, only minor details are left to plan. Unluckily, these are the details that will make the day extra special, therefore these are very important. And, on top of the wedding anxiety, my job became way more hectic (that comes in the package with more interesting projects).

So, I am feeling quite stressed for about two weeks now.

So, here is what calms me down and keeps me in order (or at least prevents complete chaos):
  1. Summer - just going outside and noticing how everything looks and smells makes me calmer, because I enjoy this summer, even though it rains a lot. I actually don't mind rain.
  2. - I think I finally found a way to track things. I wanted Google to come up with a task tool like that, so I can keep everything in the same spot, but this free tasking program so far wins over Google tasks for me. Toodledo gives you literally any criteria you can imagine to sort your tasks and keep them as together or as separate as you want.
  3. My fiance is back home from a two week long trip. While I don't mind some time apart, in the last month before the wedding I need him like air. And not just because that he helps with planning (!!), but just having him around makes everything better.
  4. Zoom out: when I feel completely tangled in the details of the day, I force myself to zoom out and look at myself, as if I am watching a movie. This helps to keep first things first.
  5. Blogs that I follow: Blogs are a window of inspiration and emotional recharge for me, since everything there comes from talented self creators, and I am learning to be one. Jasmine Star's blog is my favorite, when I read her posts it feels that I am right there with her watching everything happen. Her posts are completely captivating and a work of word art.
According to Jasmine, every post is better with a picture. I agree. Here is one of my favorite shots I captured to date.
Wishing everybody a productive, everything-goes-as-planned week. (Wishful thinking, but we will try, right?)
How are you coping with your stressful moments?