Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good Morning in 2009!

If somewhere at a trivia game show there was a question about what most of the Russian speaking population does at the late morning hours on January 1st, the right answer would be - nothing, you would find everybody asleep. New Year's is a big party in modern Eastern European culture, so I am writing out of my bed, barely woken up, and it is 12:20 pm already!

We have been up all night (till 5 in the morning!) - celebrating, eating, drinking, calling friends and wishing them Happy New Year! I also got to be known as "paparazzi" now that I had been holding my Canon 20D - fully professional camera in my hands all night - the best photos are coming soon!

Happy New Year 2009!

Let this year be of successful new beginnings, let it be full of love and filled with memorable moments!
(Andrey and I have the latest wish already covered, and with a set date - September 6!)

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