Friday, November 6, 2009

MIA, but I am back ... and off to the honeymoon in 6!! days

So, another disappearance. A serous remodeling with knocking out walls + moving into this half way finished house = 0 blog posts. The last three months surely had us occupied and, ironically, kept me and my newly minted husband (of exactly two months!!) more apart than together.

But, there is going to be light at the end of this tunnel - our honeymoon is 6 days away!! And, even I have not shared much about our wedding, this post is going to be about our trip.

First of all, our honeymoon is 2 months and 1 week apart from our wedding. Good or bad? Here is a plus: we get to go on the honeymoon after already feeling a little bit like a family. We have already taken a glimpse of our wedding photos and talked about the wedding with family and friends.  Drawback: definitely, the impressions of that special night are a bit in the past, they are not as alive.

Nevertheless, excitement and anticipation of the trip have never been greater for me. Our honeymoon destination is ... Thailand (Bangkok, and than - Krabi). History, culture, food, summer weather, beautiful beaches are just ahead. We are going to pause the winter for two weeks and finally, unwind.

I am pinching myself when I look at the pictures of the beautiful places we are going to vist. You'll understand me, here they are:

One of the fun projects we thought of for the honeymoon is to create video "letters" for our children  and "letters into the future" for ourselves to see when we are older. We'll do them here and there while we are on the trip. May be, if the project is successful I'll share the clips here, on the blog.

What were or will be yours special things to do on your honeymoon?