Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wedding: choosing colors

How are you?
I am overwhelmed and excited!!! !!!! !!!!

Overwhelmed, because there are so many gorgeous, stunning, downright beautiful color combinations a bride can chose for a wedding nowadays, that I am just sinking in the ocean of choices. And because colors are needed for many wedding decisions, I got stuck on them.
My mind is racing - do I talk first to the linens and chair covers vendor or to the florist? Should I be sending my "Save the date" notes already? Am I late? I guess that checking in with The Knot's checklist would help (right?). I will do that tomorrow - they do have a lot of advice.

Excited, because I know no matter the color combination we chose, it will look very beautiful, elegant, whimsical, tasteful and warm. Well, I have a strong hope it will.

Tonight I put two chairs together, placed my lap top on the dining table and set my businessman-macho fiance by my side to present the finalists of my color themes review....
....The choices were supported and approved! Yes, I know that sounds too good to be true, but he does care: "The DAY is yours and mine", he said, so he participated. And I love that, and him for that, and him. :)

So here are the theme ideas WE like:
Idea 1 from Hostess creations by Laurie Cinotto

Idea 2, collage by Tastefully Entertaining

As you can tell, we are almost set on the colors. Probably ...... orange & blue!!! (and their variations). We both love blue. It is a summer, light color. Orange is a fall color, and it is a warm one. Their combination isn't usual, but we think we like it best. We will see what alterations will come from meeting with linens and chair covers vendor and with florist. I'll keep you posted.

Some tips from experience of choosing a color theme for your wedding:
  1. First look around your home, look at your furniture, at your clothes - what surrounds you every day? (You will not believe how many combinations of blue and orange are in our house - these colors were jumping right at us!).
  2. Think of your wedding's time of the year - you might not enjoy pastels in October - the ripe reds, yellows and oranges will out-bright them. However, my point #4 will in some situations prove point # 2 wrong.
  3. Now think of your venue: perhaps that bright pink carpet (I am exaggerating now, but, - can happen) will not work too well with light yellow. May be dark brown will make a better option.
  4. No matter what other 3 points tell you, even though they ARE making a good point, - chose the colors you love and just work with them. Coming back to pink carpet situation - may be you stay with your favorite light yellow, but add brown. From what I've seen in our almighty Internet in the last couple of days leaves no doubt that ANY color can work with ANY other if you just apply imagination and web-surfing skills.

Here are some links that contain volumes and volumes of inspiration (and I predict that they will only be your starting point):
So, what do you think of our color choices so far? Please-please share!

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Yuka photo art said...

Len, I LOVE this combination!!! It is easy for me to imagine you wedding day in these colors…Blue and orange … is all about Softness, freshness, light and beauty!
This is great that you share this important information with other brides! I am very excited to see more and more detail, ideas and discovers on your blog!