Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Best New Year's Photos

This whole week has been so busy!
It seems that everybody waited till after the New Year to give me all kinds of tasks at work. So breaking into the full swing of working routine didn't take any time at all!

This 3 time faster life tempo without any warning did make my mind and imagination not too useful for blogging after work. I know, - excuses, excuses ... But, I am speaking the truth!!!! So, since there are no worlds left in my mind today (no different from all other days of this week), we will make this post visual:

And what is my friend, Yulia does when she is at a party??

And here is almost everybody, who made our house light up with smiles, laughter and love New Year's night:

Happy New Year!!

1 comment:

Yuka said...

Beautiful photos,Lena! My favorite- b/w "two sisters"! You did a great job!