Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a Boy!

Today, but in 1979, a boy was born. I didn't know at that time, that it was a very important day of my life. I now know. :) He is the magic ingredient that makes the colors of my life brighter, tough moments lighter, and makes me appreciate every moment spent together.
I am looking forward to growing better together, starting a family together and being a companion to each other in everything that happens in our lives.
Happy Birthday, my husband-to-be!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A message from the Moon

Today is February 22. My last post is dated February 4. Surely, I must have fallen off the planet Earth, you would think.

The truth is - it seemed that I did! Last week (it felt more like a month) I found myself on the sunny, sandy beaches of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. I kept pinching my skin very hard to make sure I really was in July weather, when the calendar said February. Many details and photos to follow! So far, I am leaving this YouTube video as a part of my "not my fault" plea. Perhaps it will make my vanishing act more understandable and, I hope, forgivable:

Also soon to come:
1) Updates on the Dress Search
2) Our choice of flowers
3) Chair covers and other extras for the reception
2) Tips for traveling to Dominican Republic (excellent honeymoon destination)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why Include David's Bridal into THE DRESS Search?

Last Tuesday we celebrated my work friend's birthday in The Melting Pot (fondue). It is a conversation inspiring restaurant: the lights are dimmed, the food comes slow, you need to cook it, it comes out scrumptious, and the meal finisher is velvety chocolate that is not too sweet. Perfectly tasty. This atmosphere is the best to meet new people and get to know them better.

This is how I met my friend's friend Gayle. Over a conversation Gayle learned that I have a wedding to plan this year, and I learned that Gaile has actively participated in planning of nearly 10(!!!) of her friends weddings. She was kind to offer her knowledge base of Buffalo wedding planning! I feel very lucky to have met Gaile, since her first advice to me was something that I didn't even think of.

Gaile advised to start THE DRESS search from David's Bridal. It is a place where you should try on a dress in every style to see what fits best. If you like what you found in David's Bridal - even better, since their dresses are very affordable. If not, than with a determined silhouette you should move on to bridal boutiques. (This is probably my scenario).

I have already visited David's Bridal once, but need to return to finish trying all the dresses. I will follow up with a complete report. I also promise to share all Gaile's advice I get.

Collage from The Rose Dress