Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to Chose a Wedding Cake

There are so many very good looking options for a wedding cake. How to chose just ONE? What do I like and what will be beautiful for my wedding? - This was my dilemma. The problem of too many choices, yet again.

I am the kind of a bride that saw many weddings before we had to plan ours. I always admired people's good choice in different details of the wedding. However I was not the one to write down good ideas in "my future wedding" planner. I always knew that my wedding planning will be based on the relationship that led to the wedding. So I had no expectation for a wedding cake when I started looking, except one - it has to taste good.

I had to start my search for a wedding cake with no preferences in mind. A good helper in this task was Project Wedding. After looking through myriads of cake photos, I chose 8 different cakes I liked.
Which one d0 you think I chose? And which one was my close second?

All images via Project Wedding
I will tell everything about our choice in the next post in a couple of days. Let me know what do you think was our choice.
Update (7/1/09): there was a problem with some images today on this post, so I will leave you guessing for the cake we chose one more day.


Yuka photo art said...

I looove cakes :-) Wedding cake is not exclusion. I am always think how it taste when I take picture of it....Hopefully I will have time on your weding to enjoy your cake :-)

Elena said...

I think I fixed the glitch and all wonderful cakes are visible.
And yes, I am promising right now, that you will have time to enjoy the cake for sure!!

Veronika said...

amasing choices as far as cakes.