Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And, our cake is...

I bet you didn't even think of this one, but here is the cake we chose:

Photo via Project Wedding
This might be a little unexpected choice, but actually it fits into the wedding theme, I promise! The tie-in of this cake to the wedding is ... my dress. :) Also, sometimes Andrey reveals the most incredible little things that matter to him: it happens that he can not have a cake at his wedding that is square or blue. Just like that! (Actually I sort of understand his fears - I can not drink Blue Gatorade). So, we are all about compromising and finding a choice that makes both of us happy. This cake did the trick!

Oh, and I just have to tell you about our baker, Zilly of Zilly Cakes.
Photo via Zilly Cakes
Zilly is first an artist, than a baker. When we were going through so many options for the cake flavors, proportions, colors, icing, Zilly never said she would not be able to do something. She also seemed to be picturing the cake just as we were, not even caring that our fantacy can transform into too much work for her. She was eager just as we were to create a cake that we would enjoy.

I anticipate seeing and tasting our wedding cake from Zilly with excitement for the beauty and for delisiosness!

If you are looking for a wedding cake in Buffalo that would be created with care, talent and creativity, you should definitelly visit with Zilly!


Yuka photo art said...

I am not surprised, because I LOVE your choice! Very beautiful!!!!! And can easy to imagine the piece of it in my plate :-)

Kelly said...

Thank you for this incredibly helpful blog! Yuliya directed me here, as I am a bride-to-be planning a Buffalo wedding from out of town. Your posts are leading me in the right direction-Thank you!

E said...

I am really glad to hear the blog is helpful! I will post very shortly about invitations and probably the whole list of our vendors.
The time is getting too tight - the wedding is a just over a month away, so I am a little behind on posting. Feel free to ask me any questions!

Amy Palmo said...

Hi Elena,

Yuliya's site directed me to yours...I wanted to tell you that Zilly did the groom's cake I had made for my husband and it was AMAZING!! What a great choice - I'm glad you found her too!

Wishing you all the best,
Amy Palmo

Elena said...

even though this would be the first cake I have ordered from Zilly, I had a gut feeling we would love it. Your recommendation makes me even more sure of my choice! Thanks so much!