Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our short trip to Europe.... oops! ... Montreal, Quebec

Last Thursday Andrey and I excitedly packed our car and drove off to Montreal. I am usually overjoyed to go anywhere and especially somewhere that is known as Europe in America.

I have to say: indeed! (That comes from a renown European "expert" that has only been to Italy and Prague in Czech Republic). Well, at least I can say with a certainty, that Montreal does not feel American, and it is different from Toronto.

We enjoyed the historic architecture and details:

Loved (!!!) just installed city bike system - it lets you have a bike for $5 /24 hours and has stations to take/return bikes all over the city. It is called BIXI - bike taxi - cute! Pretty amazing, especially if you are a tourist and want to go places.

Andrey was such a gentleman to carry around my camera backpack! By the way, about camera bags: I am using Kata. I was torn between this one and Lowepro. Their products are very compatible in quality and price, so I chose the one that also offered a trolley. A set of wheels on something that contains a camera and a laptop can be very helpful at the airport. This model is DR-467. Good for transportation and sightseeing (when you need to stuff some personal items to the same backpack), not ideal for photo shoot carry-around. The carry around is going to be my next purchase. May be even the raved about professional photographers Shootsac.
Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral impressed beyond expectations! I've learnt it is a 1/3 replica of of St. Peter's in Rome. Never seen any church that big!

Our breakfasts took place in Eggspectations. Scrumptious! And a Marketing masterpiece.

Here is my delicious, freshly squeezed Banango: mango, banana, pineapple blended with fresh orange juice and ice.
Finally a couple of other views of Montreal:

Last logistical remarks: We stayed in Delta Centre-Ville hotel and were very satisfied: good service, great, clean rooms with a view (we stayed in a renovated premium room), reasonable prices. It is better to leave your car in the hotel parking lot and get around by public transportation and BIXI - my favorite.

Could I live in Montreal? Yes, for the months of summer. Winter is too cold! :)

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Kate said...

wow, these really make me want to get out of the house and travel right now!! :) great shots!