Monday, April 13, 2009

Wedding Websites - so many choices!

We will have many out of town guests at the wedding and to keep everybody "on the same page" it was decided at our family-to-be meeting to create a web-site for the wedding.

Wedding is about choices. In everything. Because of so many options, it took me a whole month to chose a wedding website.

I was looking for:
  1. an easy and fast interface to load information;
  2. a good looking template;
  3. a template that would match our colors (blue and orange);
  4. a back end to the website that would serve as a planning and guests list management tool;
  5. an option of ordering a keepsake CD, so the website and our virtual guest book comments will be saved for us;
  6. in the beginning we were going to rely on the website for RSVPs, but than decided this would not be a crucial feature , as some of our guests aren't internet savvy and we can't have online only RSVPs.
The finalist of the search was: Wedding Window. It has all the features that we needed. So here is the first try on our web-site: nothing is loaded there yet, and the colors might be tweaked.

We also considered:
  • Wed Simple - really powerful back end to the site, but as far as I know you can't order a keepsake. Not as versatile design options as in Wedding Window
  • My Wedding - this is a free site, and you can pick a theme that has a matching invitations! After I posted my web-site dilemma on Wedding Bee (by the way - an awesome place to learn about and ask any of wedding-related questions) and one of the responders suggested to use Joltform to make up for RSVP, that is not so good on this web-site. Great free solution!
  • eWedding - this was a popular response on Wedding Bee.
If you decide to have a website for your wedding, the best way to find the right one for you is to sign up for free trials. I can assure you that after experiencing the tools, your choice will come clear! Be prepared to spend about 30-60 minutes with each of your options. Good starting points for the search are: Wedding Bee Boards, Wedding Bee Wiki on websites and also this comparison chart from Wedding Websites.

I am excited to organize our planning to the back end of our wedding website and finally start logging in our guest list!

Hope you are having a good week!


Veronika said...

i just got my magazine from Buffalo News bridal guide....very exiting to go through it. and as you said its good tip to have website for the wedding. i am geting to that right now. thanks dear. i wanna see pics at least of your wedding!!!
Love yah Veronika

Elena said...

Veronika, so far I think wedding website is very helpful, I will let you know if I find any problems while using Wedding Window.
Good luck with planning!

Anonymous said...

Just thought you would like to know that you *can* order keepsake CD's from :)