Monday, April 20, 2009

My frustration - monitor color calibration.

Apparently, my monitor is calibrated very poorly to say the least. :( The images that look great on my lap top appear so dark and red on the blog and on other computers! It is upsetting to see that what I thought was perfectly colored photo to others looks like a piece by an avant-garde artist at best.

After doing some research I became convinced that the process of monitor calibration is as difficult as brain surgery. No, really! So, after some research:
  1. I am buying an Eye-One calibrator as it is an affordable professional option for calibration;
  2. I was also advised to get a "slow" monitor, not a TFT - this piece of advice is still in my "to understand" category, but will probably end up buying one (additional to my lap top monitor).
This calibration disaster prevented me from posting about my photography progress. I hope to start posting soon!

Since eastern orthodox Christians celebrate Easter usually a week after Catholics, yesterday was our Easter. Here is a quick pic of our Easter dinner table (if the food looks off color - you know why).


Yuka photo art said...

Do not feel soo just started and this is all about time and experience... Ummm the dinner looks yummy!

Stephanie Fay said...

Hi!! Thanks so much for your comment! I love meeting other photographers... I also am planning my wedding this year as well. How is yours going? Where will it be?

Elena said...

Stephanie, thanks for visiting my blog! Our planning is doing well, quite peaceful. I am very happy that my fiance is involved and helps a lot with planning. How about you?
When is the wedding?
Our wedding will be in Lewiston, NY, small town near Niagara Falls. Where are you in your planning? Does it feel different, now that you are on the other side?