Monday, April 6, 2009

Complete Report on Wedding Dress Shopping in Buffalo, NY. Part 2.

Good Monday! I've promised to complete my report about wedding dress shopping in Buffalo. Here is part 2, where you will find a review of the bridal shops I visited.

I decided to visit smaller private bridal shops in our Buffalo-Niagara (US and Canada) region and tried on about 40 dresses before I found mine. Here is where my search took me:

a) M.A.Carr- was the first place I visited. Located in Orchard Park, the shop has a tasteful selection of dresses from designers like Casablanca, Watters Brides, Jasmine Bridal and many others. Their prices are between $700 and $2000. Attentive and suggestive service. This shop had a few dresses I ranked as candidates for THE DRESS right on my first visit. Assistants in the shop are a real help - they learn what you like and suggest within your interests.

b) Victoria's Bridal Shoppe - mostly classic, beautiful dresses, big selection of ball gowns. Many dresses under $1,000. Attentive and helpful customer service. Since ball gowns (big and puffy dresses) don't fit me as nicely as I'd require from a wedding dress, I had little selection in this store for myself.

c) The Ballett's - A St. Catherine's (Canada) salon with the most helpful web-site. Many beautiful choices with style, however not all the models you chose from the web-site will be available in the shop. Moderate prices - many options under $1,200. Helpful assistants.

d) Bridal Chateau, Inc. - I wanted to visit them, but could never get through on the phone to set an appointment. The line was either busy or on answering machine. ??? I had a chance to speak with Beth, one of the owners, at a function we attended together. She was surprised this happened and thought it was due to the construction nearby. She also mentioned they have a tasteful selection under $2,000. I was concerned with communication with the store and decided not to visit.

e) Bridals By D - Despite several negative reviews and an absence of a web-site (!!!), I was very pleasantly surprised with this shop's gowns selection. They had many dresses that fit me very well and looked like candidates for THE DRESS. They even had several Jim Hjelm dresses to offer! A pricier than the usual ($1000 - $2000), but very trendy shop in Buffalo! In this salon I "met" Mikaella. The designer seems to make dresses just for me - I like 90% of their creations. Oh, and all of them fit me beautifully!! Their sister brand, more upscale Paloma Blanca gives me the same feeling as Mikaella. Simple and sophisticated, gorgeous dresses. And yes, my dress is one of their creations! (Andrey is advised not to look through the links). Ladies that helped me in the shop were very accommodating - so far bad reviews posted about the shop proved to be wrong for me. A couple more words about the designer of my dress: both brands are from Toronto, Canada! The designer has been making wedding dresses since 1937. Both brands are astonishingly affordable considering the quality and styles they offer - Mikaella dresses start from $1,000 and Paloma Blanca - from $1,400. I will not deny - I am infatuated with my dress and with the designer. :)

f) Pearl Bridal House - oh, and I visited this shop near Toronto. There I tried on dresses literally off the New York fashion shows. I've visited on Melissa Sweet trunk show weekend. The shopping assistants detected no buying potential in me with their six's sense within minutes. They were not interested in taking care of me, but very interested in taking the dresses off me. Well, yes, they guessed right - while I am an admirer, I am not the spender of $8,000 and up on a dress.... So far. :)

g) Almost forgot about one more Buffalo bridal shop: Classic Bridal. This shop actually talked me out of visiting them!! This is how the conversation unveiled: Me: "Can I please come in to try on your dresses?" - Shop Assistant (SA):"Which brands are you planning on trying on?" - Me: "Well, I don't know, I will decide when I see the dresses" - SA: "There are more than 400 dresses in the store, we need to know what you are going to be trying on! And, besides, with your deadlines you don't have any time for alterations, ... unless you are 5' 9"!" - Me: "I am 5'9"! So, can I come in and try on the dresses?" - SA: "Well, I guess....". I booked and appointment, but after replaying this conversation in my mind, canceled it. :( ... :)

Didn't want to end this post on such note. So here is some magically sophisticated bridal creations from another designer I fancy - Monique Lhuillier. Fall 2009 Collection.


Yuka photo art said...

Luke is sooo hansom! he looks like happiest kid! Beautiful photographs of their family!
Len, you did a great post! I this your information can save the time for a lot of brides!!!!!! I am glad you enjoy this whole process and finally have your own decision for your PERFECT WEDDING DRESS!

Veronika said...

So happy for u. My hunny has proposed and I moved in w him last saturday. Now the the planning will begine. I will reread ur blog for ideas. Thank u. Veronika

Elena said...

Congratulations, Veronika! Sounds like you had a beautiful proposal!
I am glad you are finding my blog helpful! My Wedding posts are for all of those to follow to use what I've learned.