Monday, March 2, 2009

Perfect Presents

Have you ever received a perfect birthday present? Something that you didn't even know you wanted so much until you got it? Andrey received a present like that from our friends for his birthday. (Perfect for me, that is). Of course, he appreciates it too, but I know I will enjoy it more.

We opened the lime green packet at the end of the night, and there it was - a wireless thermometer and weather forecaster! :) I know, you didn't expect it from me - to have such passion for weather predictions.

Let me explain.

You see, in Belarus, in our apartment in Minsk, my dad attached a thermometer outside our kitchen window probably as soon as we moved in, and we had it there for 20 years (all my life there)! My first thing to do in the morning was to check the temperature outside so I can decide how to dress for the day. Minsk is a big city, so you walked everywhere or used public transportation, so dressing appropriately was important. Now my friends in Minsk tell me they don't remember when was the last time they used public transport, as everybody has cars, but when we were growing up, we rode buses, trolleybuses, trams and subway.
Even though our suburban life in Buffalo allows to ignore the weather, as we jump from warm house to warm car to warm office and after work day is over in the opposite order, I still like knowing the weather before I head out. I don't know why, but it adds comforting routine to my morning.

So now, to MY greatest delight, we are proud owners of the wireless thermometer & weather forecaster.
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Yuka photo art said...

Yes this is really great gift!!! Since my iphon gone i need to check weather through google....
By the way, I hope our gift will be perfect also :-))))

Elena said...

It seems that Andrey's birthday is actually mine. The picnic basket you gave us is so cute and romantic! Thanks so much! We will enjoy in the summer!

Konstantin said...

Ностальгия по родине через ностальгию по термометру... А мне понравилось, как ты написала ). Ведь правда. И я, когда мы с Аней въехали в квартиру после ремонта, первым делом прикрепил за окно термометр )) Потом он упал со второго этажа, отклеившись, и теперь лежит перед телевизором, но очень часто тянет к окну посмотреть на термометр которого там нет. Даже не смотря на то, что есть автомобиль.

Elena said...

Такая смешная ваша история с термометром! :) Я очень рада, что моя температурная история пришлась тебе, Кость, по душе.
The second comment from my dearest friend - Kostia! I am so glad you like my story. :) I enjoyed yours. (For those who can't read Russian, Kostia shared a confirmation, that thermometers are important in our lives and the first thing he did when he moved into his apartment - he attached a thermometer outside of a window! :)))

Veronika said...

That's a perfect I remeber my chuldhood back in Russia looking at our thermometer out side the balcony was the first that I remember doing.oh the good old days in Russia!!