Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Dominican Republic Spring Break

When I close my eyes sometimes I still see the turquoise water, white sand, bright blue chair longs...Taking a tropical vacation in the middle of gray, cold, windy stretch of winter between February and March charges me to go through the rest of winter until we see more sun here.

Our Dominican Republic vacation this February was the first time we went to an all-inclusive resort. I was a afraid that laying out at the sun would quickly bore us, but in fact we hardly had time to lay around. We tried windsurfing, went on a day long jeep safari, even went down the waterfalls!

Dominican Republic is still very poor country, but with developing tourist industry I can definitely see these hardworking people becoming better off year after year. Dominicans came across to me as good spirited, and cherishing their land. They sing and dance all the time.

Punta Cana is a more touristy destination in Dominican Republic, it is located on the Southern part of the country's coast. We went to the north of Dominican Republic - Puerto Plata and stayed at Grand Oasis Marien, it was next door to Iberostar Costa Dorada hotel. Although our neighboring hotel was higher class, we liked ours better.

Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic was the city where Columbus came to shore to discover America. Just based on this fact we would like to come back to this bright country, next time to Punta Cana. Very nice vacation destination with a mix of tropical laziness and adventure.

If you haven't been to Dominican Republic, keep it in mind when planning your next vacation. Really nice honeymoon destination too!

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