Monday, March 9, 2009

International Women's Day

Especially in Eastern Europe "The 8ths of March" - International Women's Day is as big holiday as Mother's Day here, in the USA, if not bigger. In Belarus, this is a day when florists earn probably half of their yearly revenue, all men are especially attentive to all women surrounding them at ANY moment, and we, ladies, feel like princesses and queens. I really like the atmosphere of this holiday and enjoy to be especially attentive to my Mom and grannies.

My warmest wishes to my dearest girlfriends - beautiful, smart, graceful, sophisticated and unique!

When I came back from work today, I was greeted by a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a card that I decided to keep on my nightstand:


Yuka photo art said...

Wow! This is LOVE!So cute card! Andrey always knows what makes you happy! Cannot wait to see your choice for wedding dress!

Veronika said...

Hi Lena, its me Veronika. i am so glad that you are getting much to think about. you making me think and process things on my future day as well, even though it might happen in couple of years. my dear Al is gonna propose any day now and i am getting nervouse. so i wish you very best and good luck on the wedding! i have tons of questions although. how are you gonna have your wedding? i meen is it going to be American or Russian or both? i am tring to get ideas together. wer evn looking for the location to plan it all out. what kinda dress ure gonna pick and whats the best place to go and see?
please write me back at this email


Elena said...

Veronika, you have very exciting time ahead of you. I am glad you find my journey helpful to you. I am happy for you! I'll be very glad to share my knowledge as I become more educated with aspects of wedding planning. We'll be in touch. :)