Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Beginning

So, finally it happened. I now have my own blog! And this is my very first post!

Actually, I have been writing posts for quite a while now, it was just happening in my mind. I have been writing about my daily impressions of the morning air (lately is has been smelling like fall already), about my childhood memories of years of daydreaming and being not very sociable as the result, about why did I came to this point of finally starting a blog.... So, there are quite a lot of posts in this blog already. What? You don't see them??? Well, I guess I need to start transferring this wealth of information here.

Alright, lets start with childhood. If you met me as a 6-grader, you would probably think - what a snobbish little girl - she does not even try to act like she is interested in meeting me! The truth was - I was living such a vivid life on the inside (read too many books, watched too many movies), that I was barely noticing what did I act like on the outside.
I was thinking about all this just yesterday and searched the YouTube for my favorite middle school movie - La Boum, and as fabulous as YouTube is, it produces my precious memories right away:


Really, when your very acceptive vivid imagination is fed with these miracle moments, wouldn't you stay on the inside instead of meeting real people?? What for? :)
To be continued ...

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