Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am not going to write a book, Penelope!

In a recent Penelope Trunk's post about a book deal she wrote how bad of an idea it is to write a book hoping that it will serve as a "law degree" to help further career developments. I realized that this was the trap I almost got myself into with my intention of pursuing an MBA degree. I knew I wanted an MBA really badly (I still do), I just had a vague idea what exactly will I do with it after I graduate. Ironically, Penelope in the first paragraph of her post mentioned how much better it is in the case of "vagueness" to start a blog! :) So I feel like I am on the right track here.

So, with the blog I am hoping to:
1) Literally put myself out there, to fight my habit of keeping a lot to myself;
2) Find my own writing voice and not be a —Āhamelion. In fact this post is written under the influence of Jasmine Star , after my morning dose of her juicily written posts. And as much as I admire Jasmine's both writing and photography talents, I'd like to sound like me.
3) and finally, I want to track my progress of making close to my idea of a perfect cocktail of delicious work and scrumptious life.

I stepped out of the office after the work day into the crispness of perfectly clear fall air and remembered my favorite music and a music video devoted to September by Igor Krutoi called "You are in my September". There is a hint of sadness in it, but it is a good kind of sadness.

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