Monday, September 29, 2008

I love New York!

On my surprise visit to New York City this weekend organized by a very special magician, I made a list of the things I like about NYC:
1) Upper East and Upper West side Manhattan;
2) joggers;
3) Central Park's Alice in the Wonderland Statue;
4) The Waldorf=Astoria's perfectly shaped fresh flower bouquet that is probably 5 feet in diameter;
5) Seeing the "Sex and the City" style Saturday night party at WhisKey Blue;
6) Savouring a cup of cream of cauliflower and Italian Country sandwich in Hale and Hearty Soups and thinking that this food combination could by itself be the reason to come to NYC;
7) Russian pastries sold right by the entrance to the Brighton Beach subway station;
8) Seeing the statue of Liberty from the Q subway train window while it crosses Manhattan Bridge;
9) Soaking in the talents of "Legally Blond" musical creators and performers;
10) the fog of unbelivable thikness, hiding the tops of the skyscrapers.

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