Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bridesmaids Dresses: what I like

One of the brightest traditions of American wedding is having a "court" - wedding party. Usually all bridesmaids and groomsmen in the wedding party are wearing the same outfits. Every girl in the party is wearing the same dress, and of course, not everybody is happy. Hence, the movie "27 Dresses".

I thought having my girlfriends wearing the same dresses would be very cute. But after thinking about fitting all the girls in the same shape and form, I felt this would be a little unfair. It is my special day, but I do want all of my friends feel beautiful and special too. Besides all traditional bridesmaids dresses are kind of plain to mine and my girls tastes.

So my bridesmaids will wear similar dresses - similar color and fabric, but not the same. See, I am not brideszilla!

This wedding party is very close to what I picture so far:

Photos by magnificent Jessica Claire

Update: one more example!

This wonderful implementation is via Emily Photo


Yuka photo art said...

You know my opinion already :-) I love your idea! And I will wear something blue also !!!

Emily said...

I LOVE when things aren't all matchy matchy, you have to mix it up a bit for sure!!!

Elena said...

!!! Glad I've got support from two pairs of very creative photographic eyes!

Kate said...

Love the dresses! GREAT blog!