Sunday, May 3, 2009

4 Months Till The Wedding: to-do list for crunch time.

It is 4 months till the wedding and I want to make this month a "crunch" time. So there is no crunch time later.
Here is our short list of things to do:
  1. Bridesmaids dresses (I think I found a painless solution - I'll share a little later);
  2. Send out "Save the Date" cards - this is almost done;
  3. Engagement photo session with Yuka - this coming weekend (!);
  4. Choose a videographer (this is going to be tough based on our (ok, ... mine) requirement to the quality - should at least be at the same level of craftsmanship as Michael Jackson's "Do You Remember The Time" music video - :);
  5. Music, entertainment - tamada (the officiant of the ceremonies and the order at the wedding in Slavic countries);
  6. Officiant of the ceremony (there will be nothing to celebrate without this person);
  7. Cake - has to be as tasty as it is beautiful;
  8. Book wedding night suite - this is almost done;
  9. Honeymoon!
With this aggressive plan we will get the big items out of the way to concentrate on the little details next month.

Hopefully with our agenda, we will never get to the following state of planning (the source is hyperlinked to the image itself).

Happy Monday!

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Veronika said...

i love the picture of you guys from engagement session. i love that color of blue! you look stunning!!!