Sunday, February 22, 2009

A message from the Moon

Today is February 22. My last post is dated February 4. Surely, I must have fallen off the planet Earth, you would think.

The truth is - it seemed that I did! Last week (it felt more like a month) I found myself on the sunny, sandy beaches of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. I kept pinching my skin very hard to make sure I really was in July weather, when the calendar said February. Many details and photos to follow! So far, I am leaving this YouTube video as a part of my "not my fault" plea. Perhaps it will make my vanishing act more understandable and, I hope, forgivable:

Also soon to come:
1) Updates on the Dress Search
2) Our choice of flowers
3) Chair covers and other extras for the reception
2) Tips for traveling to Dominican Republic (excellent honeymoon destination)

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