Monday, August 17, 2009

Shooting in good light

You'd probably say I am nuts to be thinking about anything other than wedding when we have about 3 weeks to go. But, yes, indeed, this post is NOT ABOUT THE WEDDING! :) I am still thinking about it, though.

It's just I am excited to share some of my photography projects. I have a long list to post, but this one is the most recent. So far I have been quite lucky to practice photography at my work that didn't include photography in my job description.

Last week on Tuesday, on our first no rain day in many weeks (even though I am one of those few that didn't mind our rainy summer - the grass is greener!) I was a part of the photo shoot for our yellow pages book cover. While the really young looking photographer we hired was producing amazing shots with his Nikon and really cool off-camera lighting (and I suspect some pocket wizards), I got to snap some shots too.

Since I was not the primary camera, you'd have to forgive me that most of the time my subjects were not looking into the camera.

I was amazed by the lighting we got around 5 pm in the Buffalo Marina and than even more amazing light at around 6:30 at Lafayette Square.

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Yuka photo art said...

This is great post and photographs...My first thought was you posted pictures from "People" with starts :-) Really!!!!!!!
I love these photographs- these two look beautiful and stylish...