Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hush City

Monday morning my work email spam filter caught a message from my very talented friend Yulia. She granted me with a link and a note: “Look!!!!” – this always means I would definitely enjoy it.

I do not want to give away my impressions before you watch this, so lock your palms around a mug of your favorite tea or coffee – you are for a 20 minutes of a special treat.

One of the main characters of the movie is my dear native city of Minsk. I must warn that the loading is a little slow, so be patient – it’s worth it. After you are through with this special show, you can read my impressions in the comments to this post. And, I’d delighted to learn what you think as well, so leave a comment!

Hush City


Elena said...

So, how was it?

In my comments I was going to write: “Finally I have something to show when I need to explain why Minsk is so special for me, why do I love this city so much! Its wet street stones after rain, quiet, lit up streets during the late night walks, the parks, the trees,….”, but then I read the concept of the movie. Apparently, the idea was to show Minsk as a lonely, nothing-happens-here, nothing-changes-here type of city. Funny, but I understood “Hush” more like: “hush, city!” – be quiet, a love is being born. ….. Oops!

The authors look at Minsk from insider position - they were in Minsk creating this movie. While I would never argue that our city isn’t anywhere near a revolutionary growth, as a positive side of this negative situation, Minsk remains beautiful, peaceful and cozy – and even the authors could not hide that photographing its “hushness”. I’d say this movie is a demonstration of love-hate or love in denial to Minsk.

At least one of the authors of Hush City is now in NYC - no better place to break away from quiet, the other one is in Germany. Would be so interesting to see what they’ll think of Minsk in a year. Or am I so wrong and, actually, happen to be one of a few outcasts who love Minsk so much?

Anonymous said...

the link does not work :(. V.

Elena said...

Oh, so sorry - on my computer it does work. But here the link is again:

Yuka photo art said...

I am glad you like it!
I love this film too! You told a lot of details about Minsk and this presentation was the best I could imagine! I wish they create the same style film about Kiev :-)

Elena said...

I need to make a correction: I guess nobody from the participants of the Hush City is in Germany. As I understand now, two are in NYC.
And, yes, Yulka, I enjoyed this movie very-very much. Thank you!!!
The thing is even from a brief visit to Kiev you can see how beautiful the city is, with Minsk - it is not so obvious. That is why this movie is so special to me - it captured Minsk the way I love it.