Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Miami Trip (+ some tips for first time Miami visit)

That Thursday was a very rainy, gray and wet. Any visitors to my work desk, however, were startled to see me grinning from one ear to another ear. :) <-- Just like that. My coworkers, though, understood: they knew I was flying to sunny and summery Orlando that evening. And, what was even better - driving to Miami the next day. I really could not keep the grin off my face any time I turned around to look out the window. I saw drizzle, but I was seeing palm trees.
From Miami, Florida - November 2008

And turquoise water....

From Miami, Florida - November 2008

This was our first time in Miami, and frankly, I didn't expect Miami to be a city. Like New York City, but on the ocean. Miami is a mix of city - clubs, restaurants, well dressed people, shopping and the sun bleached beach. The combination I never saw before, and it kept confusing me.

So, for those traveling to Miami for the first time, here are 4 tips for your trip planning:
1) Bring dressy clothes. Dressy, but beachy. Girls - stilettos will find their occasion easily.
2) To be in the center of action, stay at one of the boutique hotels in South Beach. (See the map below - we noted a few). If you want a quieter atmosphere, North Miami Beach will be your fit.
3) Staying north or south - make a trip to the Ocean Drive at night and enjoy the never ending party.
4) Go to Miami in a company of friends, as mentioned above - it is a party kind of place.

Below are some mapped tips

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I arrived to Orlando to meet my fiance that spent the whole week at a conference there. After a brief tour of a small part of the place (Rosen Shingle Creek) I mentally marked my calendar for next year - it was decided I will travel to this conference as well. 5 pools! Sunshine, palm trees! :)
From Miami, Florida - November 2008

When we drove closer to our hotel in North Miami Beach, condos rose on each side of the road and along the coast.
From Miami, Florida - November 2008

From Miami, Florida - November 2008

This is my favorite:
From Miami, Florida - November 2008
I was armed with an almost professional camera, so Andrey had no choice, but to become my model for this trip.
From Miami, Florida - November 2008

From Miami, Florida - November 2008

See a complete slide show of our trip with comments to the photos here:


Yuliya said...

Len, you posted a lot of great pictures! I am not big fan of huge buildings, I am "bungalow style" girl, but the nature, sand, ocean and mood on your photos are so beautiful! Everything just screams about "Enjoy the Life!"

Elena said...

a compliment on great photos from a photographer is twice as rewarding! Thank you very much!
After a visit to Miami I realized I am a bungalow type of a girl too. Just couldn't understand the city and the beach mixed together! I don't really like that - it is not relaxing.
But you are right, Miami is for those who want to enjoy all the joys life has to offer with exception of, perhaps, skiing.