Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One more reason to never cancel your after work Gym plans

So ... I have promised myself that THIS time I will go to the Gym without skipping. I decided not to give in to the little voices telling me that I can skip one day - nothing will happen.
My realization today was this: every time I don't go to the Gym, I am not making good on my own promise! This melts away my self respect! And then I let go of some other promises I made to myself - it is a domino effect.
I am glad to report that for the last two weeks I kept my promise to myself, and it feels great in so many ways!


Anonymous said...

Discipline, Schedules, Promises, Commitments, on time, on budget! after that running twice as fast, jumping twice as high, thinking twice as fast, reading twice as much...and than?

Elena said...

And then - success, and happiness from being accomplished exactly in the areas of your life that matter to you. And if those schedules, promises, commitments are learned gradually, they become habits. And anything we do out of habit are effortless. This is the idea. :)